A body of work not easily defined…


Gordon Swatkow’s paintings are eclectic in style and subject matter. Although often compelled to explore with oils and mixed media, most of his work is in acrylic. He is an artist who draws inspiration from both his travels abroad and moments closer to home; his creativity is spurred by a vivid imagination and unrelenting insomnia.


With a love of nature, Gordon, his lovely wife Nancy and their two daughters spent their summers in Killarney Provincial Park. The breathtaking landscape of this Ontario park and the beautiful interpretations by the revered Group of Seven provoked his appreciation of art. However it was his interaction with visiting artists to the park that engaged and encouraged him to start painting. He has since honed his artistry through workshops at St.Clair College, peer tutelage and sheer practice.


Gordon’s work has been included in several local art shows including the Chatham Art Gallery’s Eye For Art event. This is one of Chatham-Kent’s most prestigious exhibitions with the participation of several esteemed local artists. In addition to shows, his work has been sought out for contribution to several charities. He has donated several paintings for auction at fundraising events in support of the May Court Club of Chatham and Literature for Life in Toronto.


Born in Windsor Ontario in 1930, Gordon spent most of his adult life as a teacher in Chatham. In 1992 he retired as Head of the Science Department at Chatham Kent Secondary School and has since pursued his artistic passion and prodigious compulsion to put a ‘Swatkow’ in every home of every friend, relative and acquaintance he has.


Having painted over three hundred canvases, Gordon has almost accomplished his dream. His paintings hang in homes in at least six countries including Canada, the USA, Vietnam, Turkey, France, Switzerland and the UK. While some paintings have been gifted, a vast majority have been purchased or commissioned.


© 2014 Gordon Swatkow

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